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We met or exceeded the goals for the first four years, FY 2004 to FY 2007. Performance and financial reports for FY 2008 will be published separately. Award Nomination - Dr. Renate Reimschuessel, Service to America Medal finalist Dr. Reimschuessel is a research biologist at CVM's Office of Research. VETSULIN (porcine insulin zinc) is the first approved insulin for cats.

AQUAFLOR, as approved for furunculosis, is a Designated drug under MUMS. Department of Agriculture, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. RESEARCH TO SUPPORT ANTIMICROBIAL RESISTANCE SURVEILLANCE AND REGULATION order cialis online no prescription One such Stx2 variant, Stx2dact, is associated with increased disease severity. Molecular Diagnostic Assays for Detecting Genes of Biomedical Importance During the same time period, four new BSE cases were detected in Canada. Nevertheless, the FDA concluded that additional protections were needed. A CVM staff member, Dr. Dragan Momcilovic, continued to serve as the only U.S. We also continued to provide educational outreach to the regulated industry. The first method being developed is for penicillin G in bovine tissues.

MEDICATED FEED MILL INSPECTIONS VOLUNTARY SELF-INSPECTION PROGRAM We intend to review data for two fiscal years before deciding how to proceed. representative to the working group and is coordinating input from U.S. CVM's approach to this challenge has two aspects, as described below. The Agency released the draft guidance for public comment in September 2008. The guidance is titled GFI #187 Containing Heritable rDNA Constructs (Draft). CVM's ongoing interactions with the trade components of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Foreign Agricultural Service and assists the U.S. Following are highlights of our accomplishments during the past fiscal year. Removal of Restrictions on African Rodents, Prairie Dogs, and Other Animals

Executive Management Results Objective: Initiate the CVM Succession Plan. Program Results Objective: Develop CVM Career/Leadership Development Programs. Geological Survey's Upper Midwest Environmental Science Center (USGS/UMESC).

In vivo/in vitro and interspecies comparisons Critical Path research. In developing the drugs, we will use the concept of quality by design. Salmonella diversity studies critical path collaboration studies. Dr. Vaughn and members of the U.S. Delegation to CCRVDF met with the U.S. To do the best job it can, CVM must communicate with its stakeholders. During the year, CVM completed work on a new database of approved animal drugs.

Yoko Adachi Susan J. Bright, D.V.M. Connie R. Mahon Ruby Singh, Ph.D. EXCELLENCE IN LABORATORY SCIENCE - Shaohua Zhao, D.V.M., M.P.V.M., Ph.D. Kristen L. Anderson, Ph.D. Matthew D. Anderson, Ph.D. Julie V. Bailey, Ph.D.

Dennis M. Bensley, Jr., Ph.D. Renee S. Blosser Stephanie C. Bowman, Ph.D. Petra M. Garosi, P.M.P. John K. Harshman, Ph.D. Diane L. Heinz, D.V.M. Rial A. Christensen, Ph.D. Karen B. Ekelman, Ph.D. Devaraya R. Jagannath, Ph.D. Cindy L. Burnsteel, D.V.M. Petra M. Garosi, P.M.P. Robin B. Keyser, Ph.D. Arnel B. Peralta, D.V.M. Sharon L. Ricciardo Herman M. Schoenemann III, Ph.D. Daniel C. Burnette Jean-Michel Campagne, Ph.D. H. Gregg Claycamp, Ph.D. Elizabeth P. Cormier, Ph.D. Bharati R. Dhruva, Ph.D. Cory D. Evans, Ph.D. Charles P. O'Brien, Ph.D. Michael E. Oehlsen, Ph.D. Rebecca L. Owen, Ph.D. Jason W. Abbott Karen E. Blickenstaff Sharon L. Friedman Althea Glenn

William J. Burkholder, D.V.M., Ph.D. Jack Geltman George Graber, Ph.D. Laura C. Alvey Neal Bataller, D.V.M. Catherine P. Beck Sharon A. Benz, Ph.D. Michaela G. Alewynse, Ph.D. Sharon A. Benz, Ph.D. Rial A. Christensen, Ph.D.

Boehmer, J. L ., D. D. Bannerman, K. Shefcheck, and J. L. Ward . 2008. Chu, P.-S. , M. I. Lopez , A. Abraham, K. R. El Said, and S. M. Plakas. Fleischer S. , M. Sharkey , K. Mealey, E. A. Ostrander, and M. Martinez . 2008.

Lynne, A. M., B. S. Rhodes-Clark, K. Bliven, S. Zhao , and S. L. Foley. McDermott, P. F. , J. Simala-Grant, R. D. Walker , and D. E. Taylor. 2008. Improving farmed fish for the consumer . ( yvind Lie, ed.) pp 128-156. Shaikh, B. , N. Rummel , C. Gieseker , C. Cheely and R. Reimschuessel . 2008. Sharkey, M. , M. Martinez , S. Modric , L. Troutman , and L. Walker . 2008. Chapter 1.1.10. OIE Manual of Standards for Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines. Zhao, S. 2008. Antimicrobial-Resistant Foodborne Pathogens in Imported Food.

Zheng, J., S. Cui, L. Teel, S. Zhao , R. Singh , A. O'Brien, and J. Meng. Zheng, J., J. Meng, S. Zhao , R. Singh , Z. Ge, J. G. Fox, and W. Song. Chart does not display 100 percent of CVM Staffing. Data as of 9/30/08.

1. Implement requirements of FDA Amendments Act within prescribed timeframes. 11. National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System (NARMS). 22 Cattle that die from disease or injury before they reach the slaughterhouse. Chickens and Turkeys: 0.05% and 0.025% respectively for 6 consecutive days. Water consumption during cold months (winter) may drop markedly (30 - 40%).

Ingestion of monensin by horses, mature turkeys and guinea fowl has been fatal. Telecon Date/Time: 29-May-2012 11:24 AM Initiated by FDA? Yes Please send an email that you agree to the PMCs and will commit to them. Please clearly state whether you are seeking approval of b(4) methods. The drug is labeled for over-the-counter (OTC) use for the following reasons. This supplement does not affect the indications for these combinations. This supplement does not affect target animal safety of these combinations.

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